Barack Obama, Reflections Part 1

Just recently, America elected its first black President in former Illinois Senator Barack Obama.  Compared to most American Presidents who have occupied the Oval Office, Barack Obama rises to the Presidency as something of a real neophyte.  Barely three years into his first term as a U.S. Senator, Barack Obama announces a run for the U.S. Presidency.  His campaign upstages Democratic Party star NY Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and then he trounces veteran Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona.  Barack Obama ran the first winning presidential campaign that took full advantage of the Internet, and his support from the blogosphere and his use of mobile electronic communication brought him into contact with more youthful voters than ever before.  

I saw Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean speak at the 92 Y in New York City’s Upper East Side less than two weeks ago, and he commented about how the election of Barack Obama represented a generational sea change within the American political electorate.  Voters 35 years old and under had signaled their clear break from the divisive political contentiousness that both defined the formative college years of the baby boomers and led to the divestment of Generation Xers from American political life.  Turnout among youth voters reached its second-highest level since 1972, the first time 18 year olds received the right to vote under the 26th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  In the 1972 election, CIRCLE (a non-partisan research institute at Tufts University studying the youth vote and youth civic engagement) stated that 55.2% of American voters aged 18-30 participated in the election that resulted in Richard Nixon’s reelection to the U.S. Presidency.  In 1992, the energetic campaign and charismatic personality of Democratic Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton inspired young people to head to the polls where 52% of them participated and helped swing the election towards Clinton.  However, the election of Barack Obama featured youth turnout at an even higher rate than 1992; with over 53% of youth voters participating in this election—making it the second-largest youth voter turnout since 1972.

Yet, for all of the hoopla about Barack Obama, the first African-American man to win the the U.S. Presidency, the country faces an unprecedented crisis.  On the surface, surprisingly youth voter turnout was not higher than it was in 1972.  However, the eight years of corruption, scandal, foible, incompetent policies, and outright mendacity that defined the Bush-Cheney years had finally resulted in economic collapse on the eve of the 2008 general election.  Although many heeded Barack Obama’s clarion call to vote for change and cast their ballot for him on the historic day of November 4 and the 2008 election witnessed historic levels of voter participation no matter how you analyze the data, I think the continuing problems with American society and its political self-identity will continue.  In many ways, we are living, as Newsweek journalist Fareed Zakaria states in the title of his recent book, in “A Post-American World.”  The U.S. will likely remain the world’s global military superpower for perhaps a generation, but the two disastrous wars in which the United States finds itself embroiled in Afghanistan and Iraq have seriously sapped the manpower strength of the U.S. armed forces and stretched its many other security commitments nearly to the breaking point.  Economically, the leadership of the U.S. over the world’s financial system is all but over after the 2008 credit crisis and Wall Street financial meltdown.  Even with Keynesian New Deal policies carefully planned to reinvigorate both Main Street and Wall Street through investing in workers and infrastructure, the indebtedness of the U.S. government and the intransigence of both public opinion and the academy to embracing new economic philosophies make a quick recovery appear quite doubtful.  Culturally, doubts about American ways of life are slowly increasing.  The world’s educated people are increasingly finding themselves attracted to cosmopolitan social identities that transcend the boundaries of the nation-state.  Americans not so globally aware are left increasingly bereft of new sources for their identity.  Cultural and ethnic heterogeneity are also continually uncomfortable realities for older Baby Boomers and Americans born during the Great Depression and World War II, as they recognize the unspoken and disturbing inkling inside of them that America has entered a period of overall decline.

Barack Obama will have his hands full with both Wall Street and the Detroit automakers, especially G.M., going up in flames.  Barack Obama will be expected to show leadership and deliver on his promises for change, however nebulous that concept may appear to be given the hypnotic utterance and re-utterance of that term throughout the course of the campaign.  Clearly, a younger generation is becoming active in the political, cultural, and economic activities of America.  There is a palatable hunger for a politics worthy of sustained commitment.  There is a desperate need to feel connected to fellow and a desperate need to feel a part of some greater entity that provides authentic satisfaction.

But, all of these longings are vague and they are mediated through the mass political infrastructure of the Information Age.  Can the Information Age mediate the desires of today’s young people?  How do they come to participate in the phenomenon of democracy in a post-American world where the economy will be unlikely to deliver the middle-class visions so many had thought would be their right-of-passage into the mainstream of American culture?  How will older Americans respond to decaying economic conditions that will greatly reduce the ease with which Americans enter retirement?  Many who have accepted the norms and dictates of the American economic system will find themselves woefully unprepared for the dark and perilous future that awaits them going forward.  


2 responses to “Barack Obama, Reflections Part 1

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  2. Joseph P. Carranza

    Thank you for your commentary on the “Obama Phenomena”.

    The first fatal error, ( in my humble opinion ), in any discussion about the so-called “U.S. Electoral System”, and/or, any of its By-Products, is to formulate said discussion in terms which either expressly state, or imply, the legitimacy of the same.

    The so-called, “American Experiment”, appears to have been steeped in mere delusions of constitutional liberty from its inception.

    Much “Lip-Service” has been paid, ostensibly, to the concept of constitutional liberty, and/or, “Democracy”, while simultaneously, the unseen forces of Corporatist Fascist Rule have continuously worked in secret, and/or, in private, to supplant any semblance of the same, in the U.S. and in most other nations as well.

    Those who are inserted into positions of power within the ostensible governments of the great nations of the earth today, ( Mr. Obama included ), are merely the Service Animals of an International Power Structure. “Outsiders”, will simply not be tolerated.

    All of the so-called “Major Political Party Candidates”, ( as well as some Non-Major Party Candidates ), are, in fact, funded, promoted, owned and controlled, by the very same moneyed interests. Imagine a horse race, in which all the horses are owned by the same individual, and you will have a far clearer picture of the political puppet theater performance of “U.S. Electoral Politics”.

    Both the so-called “Loser”, and the so-called “Winner”, of every so-called U.S. Presidential Election”, since 1927, has been an operative in some capacity, of a network of like-minded organizations, exclusively serving as instrumentalities of the above-referenced Power Structure.

    The vast majority of appointments of the above-referenced “Winners”, are also operatives in the very same above-referenced network. The Council on Foreign Relations, ( co-founded by one Colonel Edward Mandell House in 1927 )

    “The Trilateral Commission doesn’t secretly run the world. The Council on Foreign Relations does that.” – Sir Winston Lord, President of Council on Foreign Relations, 1978 – Assistant U.S. Secretary of State, Member of the Order of Skull and Bones

    Should it make sense to any thinking person, that Mr. Obama, – who has been promoted as “The Agent of Great Change in favor of the Masses” – would not be (1) brutally demonized by the so-called “U.S. Major-Media”, and, (2) branded as a person unsuitable to be considered a “serious and responsible candidate”, and, (3) consequently driven out and excluded from the so-called “Political Process”, which is undeniably, and exclusively owned and controlled by those who are the greatest enemies of such change?

    There has been much hype of Mr. Obama’s apparently abundant attributes, but as we have witnessed, with the two-term selection of Mr. Bush, such qualities as “Intelligence, “Experience”, “Ethical Conduct”, “Sobriety”, “Eloquence”, “Empathy”, “Absence of Sociopathic Tendencies”, etc., etc., are not in the least, mandatory requirements for the so-called “Presidency”.

    All that is required, is the capacity to faithfully, and exclusively serve the powerful,…..a requirement which Mr. Obama likely pledged his commitment to, during his little “Detour” from the so-called “Campaign Trail”, hence, when he attended the 2008 annual meeting of The Bilderberg Group, ( ), which was held just outside of Washington, D.C..

    The Bilderberg Group, is basically, the proverbial “Power Behind the Throne”, so to speak, hence, a consortium of the world’s wealthiest, most powerful individuals and organizations, organized in the 1950’s by Prince Bernhardt of the Netherlands. ( himself, a former Nazi Industrial Intelligence Officer ) The group meets secretly each year, to formulate the policies, actions, programs, etc., which will later be implemented by the groups operatives at the highest levels of ostensible national and global power and control.

    Despite the fact that a virtual cavalcade of “Word Leaders”, and/or, “Influential Persons”, descended upon Chantilly, Virginia, U.S.A., ( For a listing of participants, see: ), in June 2008, the event was apparently removed by executive order, from the agenda of the so-called “U.S. Major-Media”, and so it is scarcely, if ever mentioned.

    A simple “online search” of the so-called “U.S. Major-Media Websites”, of the term “Bilderberg Group”, or any derivative thereof, is unlikely in the extreme, to produce any significantly illuminating information whatsoever. Unbelievable!,…you cry??,…..well then, just try it for yourself!

    Perennial Bilderberg meeting attendee David Rockefeller, explained the above-referenced “Media Black-Out”, during the 1991 Bilderberg meeting, as follows:

    “We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine, and other great publications, whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years.”

    It is not merely the institutions of information distribution that are the witting, and/or, unwitting lackeys and stooges of the Global Elite, it is essentially each and all institutions of any significance in each society.

    What is commonly referred to as “The Court System”, and/or, “The Legal System”, and/or, “The Justice System”, and/or, “The Law”, and/or, “Law Enforcement Agencies” etc., in each instance, are predominantly, merely instrumentalities by and through which the powerful, solidify, and expand, their wealth, power and control over the powerless – these instrumentalities are as well, fully staffed from top to bottom, with the lackeys, stooges, dupes, and service animals of the Global Elite.

    There is no doubt Mr. Obama dazzled the attendees at the 2008 Bilderberg meeting, with his brilliance, as did Bill Clinton, prior to his “miraculous defeat” of G.H.W. Bush in 1992, during the 1992 Bilderberg meeting in Evian-les-Bains, France, prior to Clinton’s “miraculous” defeat of G.H.W. Bush in 1992.

    Mr. Obama, ( if he wishes to remain in “office”, and.or, continue to live ), he will facilitate the next phase/s of the New World Order Agenda, which will include:

    A. The continued melt-down of the false economy;

    B. The creation of the North American Union;

    C. The continuation of the elements of the New World Order Agenda ( translation: the creation of a world of Owners, and Slaves ), intended to bring the population of the earth to the approximate 500 million person level, thought by the N.W.O. to be optimal, ( translation: the systematic extermination of greater than 90% of the earth’s current population,….after all, the Global Elite has little use for SIX BILLION POTENTIALLY PROBLEMATIC and/or, THREATENING SLAVES, when a mere several hundred million slaves – if that many – will suffice, AND, only the most useful, and/or, servile slaves, need apply ), said elements include, but are by no means limited to the following:

    Expanded control of seed for crops essential for depopulation;
    Expanded control of the world’s fresh, and/or, irrigation water resources essential for depopulation;
    Disarmament programs essential for depopulation;
    The elimination of any semblance of constitutional governance, and/or, the rule of law in all nations, and the implementation of martial law under the auspices of the United Nations, which itself, is a mere play-thing of the major Bilderberg Group Players ( translation: a return to a form of Feudalism which will make the few surviving slaves nostalgic for the most despotic rulers in the history of humanity;
    Expanded use of deadly drugs and/or, deadly combinations of drugs, also essential for depopulation;
    Expanded “Chem Trail” programs;
    Expanded use of deadly pesticides on crops = depopulation;
    Expanded “governmental approval”, of deadly food additives, and the expanded distribution of the same = depopulation;

    My intention here, is not to criticize Nick’s commentary, after all, an author must “know his audience”, – a large segment of which, is of an orientation which renders them either unwilling, or wholly incapable, of considering certain uncomfortable truths about so-called, “U.S. Electoral Politics”.

    The “True Believer”, in the so-called “Platforms”, of either of the so-called “political sub-divisions of the political establishment”, will likely reject out-right, any criticism of said “Platform”, as gibberish. The “True Believer”, will likely refuse to participate in any good faith discussion of the important issues of the day, thereby rendering ineffectual, the so-called “Right to Free-Speech”.

    “To doubt everything, or to believe everything, are two equally convenient solutions,……both, dispense with the necessity of reflection.” — Jules Henri Poincare ( 1854 – 1912 )

    “True-Believer’s of Color”, are likely to cry “Racism”, at any statement expressing anything but unwavering worship of Mr. Obama.

    Nick’s commentary, seems to me to be designed to “get his foot in the door”, in a sense,….to insert a verbal crow-bar into the Pandora’s box of political discourse among the great unwashed masses. That is, said commentary seems to be carefully constructed in a manner which is unlikely to greatly offend or shock the senses of the “average” observer, perhaps in hopes of drawing them into some type of civil, and/or, fruitful discourse concerning our national and global circumstances.

    The prudent moderator, in these times of great Obama hype, would be wise to temper his commentary, for fear of (1) his blogosphere being labeled a cesspool of “Hate-Speech”, and/or, (2) being besieged by an abundance of highly venomous messages in opposition posted by Obama supporters, and/or, (3) the onset of legal action having the potential for the termination of his blogging activities.

    I will conclude by offering the reader a few links to some very “Telling” information, which incidentally, contains much evidence in support of my above-referenced hypotheses:

    1. This film explains the banking and money fraud reasonably well. It is of course, the fraud from which most of the other fraud we are saddled with, arises, and it is the fraud from which the few have gained absolute power over the many:

    Google: Zeitgeist Addendum

    2. Check out what Gerald Celente has to say about what’s coming down the pike, i.e., “The UN-DEVELOPMENT of the U.S.”, “The Worst Depression in U.S. History”, “Tax-Revolts”, ( the people will have to choose between sustaining themselves, and paying taxes ), “Food Riots”, etc.:

    3. Check out: Biden and Powell predict, an event intended to “test”, so-called, “President Obama”. ( translation: Another MANUFACTURED TERROR / 9-11-Type, Event ) :

    4. Check out Fluoride, Aspartme, and Agenda 21:

    5. I don’t know whether or not Naomi Wolf is a ruling establishment shill or not, but she wrote a great book ( “The End of America” ), although, the things which she proposes in this book, ( and in the following video as well ), as “solutions”, are absolutely infantile. She is, apparently, a 9-11 ignoramus as well,…or at least pretends to be such:

    6. Watch this video interview with Loren Moret. The thing that really jumped out at me in this one, was (1) her commentary on the so-called “U.N. Vaccination Program”, during which she sets forth, “Millions of people were ‘vaccinated’,…..10 years later,….EVERYBODY THEY ‘VACCINATED’, WAS DEAD!!”, and (2) her quoting of Henry Kissenger, specifically, “Depopulation, should be the highest priority, of U.S. Foreign Policy towards the Third World”:

    7. When there is a “Political Agenda”, connected to the decision to widely distribute a product with knowingly disastrous public health consequences to the masses of american asses, ( i.e., ASS-Partame ), there is simply no amount of Scientific Research that can possibly prevail:

    Joseph P. Carranza

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