Re: Opening Post

Dear Readers:

My name is Nick Dahlheim, and this is my new blog.  I will be writing about many of the overarching issues that concern me—global affairs, politics, religion, culture, art, the environment, and the destiny of humanity.  I have one of the most lucid minds anyone can hope to encounter, and I look forward to expanding that mind by sharing it with the collective intelligence of my fellow bloggers out there.

This is a great time to be blogging.  The world has never been more connected than it is now to one another.  Humanity is awakening to its shared interdependence, and much is to be learned from communicating with one another.  The Internet is an extension of the human consciousness that is congealing into one whole, and to be alive in this age is really to “live in interesting times.”  

We will have much to talk about—including some of my own life story and my own unique and well-honed thoughts about the world in which we live.

I look forward to hearing what you have to say, and I hope this space becomes a place for intelligent debate.  I will be vetting all comments that come my way, and all blatantly offensive or inappropriate comments will be removed or left unpublished at my discretion.  Humanity needs a new direction, and we desperately need new paradigms with which to understand our world.  Many of my readers will not like my comments, but I can promise you that they will be well-argued and carefully thought out before I decide to post them.

I hope this design really appeals to my readers—I like the fact that this design resembles a serial magazine.  I want viewers and readers of my blog to feel comfortable with the frequency of the postings that I plan for this blog.  


Nick Dahlheim


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